Do Chiropractors Examine and X-Ray?

Yes, Chiropractors, as part of their University training are taught to examine, assess, take a comprehensive history of your medical health as well as take and read x-rays (we are also trained to read other diagnostic studies, such as MRI and CT scans).

X-rays provide vital information to help determine a diagnosis though they are not required in every case.

Your examination will consist of the following:

  • Orthopaedic - To find joints and bones involved
  • Neurological - To find nerve pressures or irritations
  • Physical - To determine general health vitality
  • Kinesiological - To find abnormal muscles holding bones and joints without proper movement which can produce nerve pressures and irritation
  • Spinal - To find specific misalignment or subluxations of spinal bones(vertebrae)
  • Radiological - To evaluate X-rays for spinal wear and assess the biomechanics/ structural stresses of your spine.

The results of the total examination identify the cause(s) of your condition(s) and allow your Chiropractor to determine the appropriate treatment necessary to obtain the fastest relief and the most permanent correction possible.