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Meet The Team

Louise Gordon, Chiropractor

Louise Gordon, Director of Windsor Chiropractor

Louise Gordon, Director of Windsor Chiropractor

Director of Windsor Chiropractor, Louise completed both her undergraduate and post graduate training at Macquarie University New South Wales, Australia in 1996. She has spent many years developing her unique system of innovative, biomechanical and evidence-based therapy.

During her career Louise has worked with elite sports teams and World Champion athletes as well as caring for families. Louise moved to the UK in 2002 and has been based in Windsor since. She has been assisting those who work and live in and around the Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough and the surrounding Berkshire and Surrey areas to achieve their health goals, whether that is to be at the peak of their sporting abilitlies, to give them the best start to life, to be as healthy and fit as can be or to increase and maintain their mobility and flexibility.

Louise is a fully registered Chiropractor in the UK, with the General Chiropractic Council.

Jo, Chiropractic Assistant

Jo, <br/>Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Assistant

Jo has been involved with attending to Chiropractic patient needs and education for the past 13 years, she has a wealth of knowledge and is here to  assist you with your health objectives.

Not only is Jo a Chiropractic Assistant she is also a Chiropractic patient. Jo's health has been improved with regular weekly Chiropractic Adjustments and as a result she has been instrumental in her whole family receiving Chiropractic Care. Her partner, mum, brother and her two children are all patients. You may be suprised to hear a 4 year old needs Chiropractic Care, though if you consider how many times a child trips, stumbles and falls during their early childhood, Chiropractic Care is essential in keeping them functional and to allow ideal development. Both Jo's children had Chiropractic Adjustment within their first 24 hours after birth.


Pim <br/>Thai Massage Therapist

Thai Massage Therapist

Pim, our newest team member and highly skilled Thai MassageTherapist and Aromatherapist. Pim comes to us with over 7 years' experience working at Healthland Spa in Bangkok; she has treated clients with variety of symptoms.

Developed by the Buddha's physician over 2500 years ago, Thai massage isperfect for releasing tension and improving joint mobility. This amazing ancient treatment works in a different though complementary way to Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Massage. 

Thai massage occurs either on a couch or a mat on the floor.  Pim will use not only her hands but also knees, elbow and feet to stretch you into a series of yoga-like positions.

Through these techniques you may experience reduced stress, improved circulation, greater flexibility, relief from aches and pains and restored energy and vitality.

If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate then an Aromatherapy massage could be what the doctor ordered! Aromatherapy utilises blends of therapeutic essential oils to stimulate a desired response, be it relaxation, energising or calming.

Another bow to Pim’s string is reflexology, an alternative therapy involving application of pressure to the feet and hands, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet and  hands linked to every part of the body. Using these points applying pressure or massage is used to relieve tension and treat illness.If you are sensitive to oils, this form of therapy may be just for you.