Who should see a chiropractor?

Anyone and everyone! Chiropractic care is not limited to anyone. It's important for new-borns, infants/toddlers, mum, dad, brothers, sisters, elderly, athletes, pregnant women, injured workers, labourers, anyone working with computers, professionals, people from any occupation and walk of life. Birth can be traumatic for both the baby and mother.

Pregnancy creates physical changes to the body. Slips and falls of a child learning to walk can change their posture for life. Elderly people endure age related postural changes. Athletes experience injury, stress and strain of their activity. People at work do repetitive tasks all day, every day creating repetitive strain, which alters their body's and posture. These are just some of the many people who need to see a chiropractor.

Anyone can be subjected to stresses to their body and spine via their work, their play or their general life; So everyone should be checked.